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(OC) Agar Reference Sheet 2014 by Future-6290 (OC) Agar Reference Sheet 2014 by Future-6290
Added his colors. Shell is under Markings for outline and fill, and his wings are under Highlights and Shading.

Name: Agar

Nickname: n/a
Gender: male
Sex: male
Species: Changeling
Age: 15
Mental Age: mentally 12-14
Age they appear to be: 14-16
Height: 5'4" 
Weight: 108 lbs
Eye color/Description: blue to cyan gradient 
Mane Description: greyish blue ridge
Coat Description: blue tinted dark grey exoskeleton
Markings: hard ridge on back and stomach
Scars: n/a
Body Shape: looks like a normal Changeling, but opts for a more pony like form 

Cutiemark: n/a
Special Talent: n/a, but is good at playing the tuba
Powers: shapeshifting, flight, weak magic, love draining 

Mental state: sound
Any Health Issues: partially deaf in left ear
Level of Intelligence/IQ: 86, low average
Speaks any other languages: n/a
Current Occupation: n/a, steals money to live
Any Previous Occupations: former drone of Chrysalis's hive, left on his own accord
Where do they currently live: wanders around
Have they lived anywhere else: the Hive

Marital Status: single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual panromantic
If Single, would they like to be in a relationship: no
Any Kids: no
If No, would they like to have kids: no               
Any Previous Relationships: no
If so how did they break up: n/a
If they have a Spouse, Describe their relationship with them: n/a
If any Children, Describe the relationship with each child: n/a

Does your character have any Friends: no
If so How many: n/a
DEscribe their relationships with them: n/a
Who is their best friend: n/a
How did they meet: n/a
tell a little more about their relationship: n/a
Do they have a former best friend: n/a
If so, why did they quit being friends: n/a

Does your Character have any secrets: Agar doesn't want anypony to know that he really wants to make friends.
What about any secrets that even they don't know about: n/a
What are they most afraid of: Ponies
What is their greatest achievement: n/a
What are they most proud of: making Fluttershy cry by pretending to be one of her animals and scaring her
What is their most prized possession: his tuba
What is their Motivation for getting through the day: good old fashioned fun
Dominant personality trait: mischievous
Most Likable thing about their personality: funny
Most annoying thing about their personality: mean spirited
What are their most common emotions: content, lazy, nasty, sly, tricky
What is their patience level like: impatient
How do they handle change: fairly well
Any Goals: at heart, he wants to just be accepted and make friends
Any Dreams: make a friend
If they had one wish what would it be: world's biggest stink bomb
How do they feel about themselves: Agar thinks he's the coolest Changeling around but wonders why nopony likes him.
What do they like most about themselves: he's funny, sneaky and very good at adapting
What do they like least about themselves: nopony likes him and he thinks he's kinda ugly
If they could change one thing about themselves what would it be:
Are they in Denial about anything: Agar denies that he's a jerk.

Do they have any distinctive Physical mannerisms: always slinks and sneaks around
Any Verbal tics/distinctive speech patterns: speaks in a slight New York  accent
Any Interests/Hobbies: playing the tuba, pickpocketing
Any Pet Peeves: crybabies
Any strong opinions about anything: Not all Changelings are bad.
Any kind of combat skills: Love draining, shifting, bites
Any Flaws: very mean, insensitive, a bully
What about the one fatal flaw: He's a bully.
Anything they would love to be able to do but can't because they lack the ability: create a magical stink bomb
Creativity or Logic: creativity
Honest or Deceitful: deceitful
Optimistic or Pessimistic: optimistic
Selfish or Generous: selfish
Likes: smelly stuff, scaring ponies, music, pranks, coming up with insults, belly rubs, cupcakes, stealing, looking cool
Dislikes: being hated (even though it's warranted), being all alone, being made fun of himself
Favourite and least favourite:
    Food: triple chocolate cupcakes/carrots
    Drink: strawberry banana smoothie/milk
    Flower: rose/sunflower
    Place: Everfree Forest/Ponyville
    Weather: rainy and cloudy/bright, sunny and hot
    Time of day: late night/midday
    Color: neon green/baby blue
Put down a few quotes from your character:
"Oh, whaddya cryin' about? It's JUST a little prank!"
"I was just tryin' t'have fun...thought ponies liked fun.."
"I'm starvin'..."

B: emii-desu, CobaltTheFox and SelenaEde

SharpTone Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I like him. :D
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